[XB1][Multiplayer Issue]Gotta Craft them all achievement!

Version: 2083

Whenever I craft something in multiplayer and then come back the following day. I have no progress towards crafting any of the items I did from the day(s) prior.This is mainly an issue when it pertains to the “Gotta Craft them all” achievement as you would need to complete every boss fight + have all items and duplicates of all items so that you can craft everything in one go.


Default settings with passive animals enabled. I have two custom islands!

There aren’t really any steps other than just saving the game and quitting will result in a complete loss of tracking all items that you’ve crafted in the previous session.

I am unsure of anything that could be done to assist the issue. I think the issue exists with the servers as I don’t think the save is stored locally which could be a possible fix to the issue.

Hi Strive,

Thank you for reporting your experience with this issue, I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save.

This issue is one the team are aware of and are working on a fix for. I believe they were able to replicate it when testing a multiplayer save, but it may not affect single player saves. Unfortunately I cannot confirm exactly when the fix for this will be released. I also do not know of any workaround for this issue other than crafting everything within the one gameplay session as you described. Which is understandably time consuming and not an ideal workaround for players.

Regarding the saving of progress, just for your own future reference, the Multiplayer save is stored locally on the host’s console. There are 4 save slots and each one can have a single and a multiplayer save in it.

Both the single and multiplayer saves use the map for their slot, so changes to the map would affect both saves. However the player location on the map is only updated by the Single Player save (with just a multiplayer save the center square of the map will remain red). So if you load into a single player game in the same slot as your current multiplayer one, while it will be a new game, the same custom islands would be on your map.
The “Days survived” will also only show the Single Player Days, but you can find the multiplayer days in the pause menu of the multiplayer save.

You may have already known a lot of this so sorry if it’s doubling up on information for you but I figured it’s no harm in sharing it.