[XB1] [Latest] [Multiplayer] (Game Does Not Load Saves)

I have been trying to play Stranded Deep with my friend and we have restarted twice and both times we cleared out the entire first island breaking and collecting everything in sight. (Which is very time consuming) Both me and my friend constanstly save the game but I can never load back into it. Im honestly very frustrated because we both really like the game but it is literary unplayable because nobody is going to keep restarting and waste their time. I can see this has been an issue for quite some time on consoles and shouldve been fixed when it was first found out becsuse you cant keep an audience if you cant play the game.

Hi Spider, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save and understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be to restart each time. This is one the team are aware of but have had difficulty in finding what causes the issue to occur for some players and not for others, so replicating it internally has proven difficult.

A recent report from another player however did highlight that they had a multiplayer save, but no single player save. When they started the single player save and progressed just enough to create a shelter and save, they quit and found the “continue” option had once again appeared for their multiplayer save.

Could you confirm for me if you have a single player save in the same slot, and if not please let me know if creating a save there allows you to return to your multiplayer save?

You mentioned that you completely clear the island - assuming the starting island - whenever you start a save. Can you confirm for me if you craft or build anything else other than tools required to do this or if you do this on multiple islands in the same session?

Any additional info you can provide about your gameplay and how you save and quit the game would be very much appreciated as it can help the team to hopefully narrow down a common situation that may trigger the issue to occur.

Thank you.

Alright, joining a single player game and saving there and then going back to multiplayer did indeed work. I appreciate you showing me this temperary fix. Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s great news, thank you so much for replying and confirming this worked for you - I will confirm for the team you had success in this workaround as this will help them in their work to resolve the issue.

Thank you again!

Having the same issue but the single-player save did nothing.