[XB1][Gameplay] Getting Kicked

I get kicked every 2 minutes while trying to play in my multiplayer world. It’s set to private, region is set to auto, and my internet connection is excellent. NAT Type: Open I just want to play the game and not have to worry about loading back in every 2 minutes. The screen will pause and it will say something like, “Error: Please check internet connection and try again.” And then it kicks me. Literally can’t even make one lap around the island without it doing it. This is after I created a new online world after the interaction and save bug fixes were released.

Same but not when im on my world but it happens almost everytine im onnmy friends helping and playing on his with him ohh and have u had ur raft n crates vanishing

Hi Joeynuckols, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue and including your NAT type. Can you confirm for me what region you are in (even if auto is selected) and if you’ve tried any other regions? I know the teams are looking at issues with various regions connecting and I know “USA, East” was one that was causing connection issues. If you’re in that region, please try selecting “USA, West”, or another location altogether to see if that helps at all.

You may also wish to try clearing the cache of your console if you didn’t do so after the update. This can be done by shutting down and unplugging the console for 2 minutes before rebooting.