[XB1] Flasks Cause Multiplayer Disconnect

Drinking from a flask causes multiplayer disconnect from host.

-Randomly occurs when either player drinks from a flask.
-Seems to happen more the longer a flask has existed in the world.

-We play on separate TVs in same room and have visually confirmed this behavior several times.
-Reloaded save and tried drinking from same bugged flask and same thing happened.
-Seems to be tied to a disconnect between available water servings on host console and guest console. The same flask when dropped and passed between players can show full on one console and empty on another. When the “full” player drinks from it, I’m assuming the available servings drops below zero and it causes a crash/disconnect from host.
-Trying to fill a bugged flask on “empty” player’s console does not work and throws a message that it can’t hold any more water even when it displays 0 available servings.
-Happens with leather and clay flasks.
-Host game does not crash.
-Have never observed issue with “single-serving” water sources (coconuts/coconut flasks) or when drinking directly from a water still.

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Hi Scooby, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your post. Thank you for reporting this issue and providing clear details of your experience.

When this issue occurs, have you noticed if your watches are out of sync at all? Some players have reported their days or times or both on their watches not syncing correctly too and I am wondering if this is connected.

I will however submit a separate report to the team on this issue for them to investigate.