[XB1][2820][Character] Stuck in ship after jumping on desk

Playing on the xbox one and I notice at shipwrecks when you jump on desks you get clipped rough The top of the ship deck and can’t get out. Don’t know if saving and reloading works anybody else had this issue just downloaded the game today.

Hi Areyareadykids - welcome to the forum!

I’ve shortened your title and moved your issue report from the title to the main body of the post (and removed the sample bug outline) so it is easier to read for the team and others who may come across this issue.

I’m sorry to hear this has happened in your game. The team are aware of this issue occurring especially if something is dropped beneath the player and pushes them up. From your post it sounds like you had a desk beneath you (rather than dropping anything) and jumped while your characters head was close to the ceiling, would this be correct?

Unfortunately we don’t have a workaround for this other than reloading from your previous save - as you can only save at a shelter or a bedroll, you will not be stuck in the deck when reloading but you will loose progress since your last save. I would not recommend placing a bedroll on top of the deck (if you’re able to) while stuck in this position as saving while stuck may save your characters position in the deck too.

I shall add the details of your experience to the report for the team to highlight this doesn’t just occur when objects push players up, but with jumping near the ceiling too.

What worked for me here is actually using the bug against itself. In the situation pictured I would then proceed to drop something which will cause the forcing you up and clipping glitch and push you all the way out. then you just swim back down and get what you dropped. I know I did this with dropping crates, I cant remember if you can just drop anything, but give it a shot next time you get stuck like this, may get you out.

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As always, thank you for sharing your tips @Desmonddark85! :slight_smile: