[XB1][2116][COOP]Cannot connect: Server Full

Last night, I attempted to host an online coop game. It’s an established game, we’re on Day 65 or something close to that. I created the lobby and invited my fellow survivor. He reported that he was unable to connect, the server was full. We restarted our games and tried again, same message. We restarted our xbox’s, did the whole hold the power button for 15 seconds thing. Same result. We ran our network diagnostics from the xbox settings page. Both of us have open NAT and good connection to xbox live. I tried multiple servers although US East is the one usually play on. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Overkill, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you were having issues with your friend joining your multiplayer game. Thank you for including all of the details you shared above.

Can you confirm for me if you’ve tried playing since you submitted this report and if the issue is persisting, or if it was isolated to the time you mentioned?

This would help me rule out if it is an ongoing issue or if there could have been an outage with the service that we use for connecting multiplayer games.

If the issue is persisting, please let me know:

  • Is your game set to private or public?

  • Can your friend join other multiplayer games? or can he host and have you join without issue?

  • If you host a save on a different save slot, can your friend join that one?

  • If you play with anyone else, are they able to join the game?

  • When you load into the game, does everything go smoothly for you or do you notice anything different when loading the game?

  • Please describe your save / base area where you would have saved last and what you recall doing when you were last able to access the save.

Thank you.

Hi! And thank you for your reply. I started running through your list of things to try and we discovered that player 2 had supscription issues. After trouble shooting with Microsoft we were able to reconnect and play. Thank you again!

But if there was an issue with xbox gamepass, why did the game say “Server full”?

Hi Overkill,

Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know what the cause of the issue is. I’m not sure why the messaging said server full but I’ll take this feedback to the team for them to look into.

Thanks again!