[Xb1][2107] Sharks not spawning and crate issues

I play on Xbox One. In the latest update, I noticed that I am making my own island and no sharks come near my island. Such as Goblin shark, hammerhead shark and others. When I go to another island that I didn’t create, they appear there. When I dive I hear bat sounds, there are raw materials such as clay and stone, it is a bit more problematic to properly pick up the pieces that I break apart stone and clay raw materials. There are times when I put the crate on the ground and a few minutes later I would like to pick it up and I can’t because it gets stuck there. I really like this game, I found it last December and have been playing it ever since. All credit to the team. I have a few ideas that I noticed that might be good in the game, say dolphins, seahorse, seals. Be able to make clothes and hats for the character. These are my observations. Thank you for this wonderful and great game.

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The issue with no sharks ect on custom islands is a known issue the team are aware of this so wouldnt worry to much mate and the crate issue are you talking about the game not letting you pick the crate up ?

Hi WitchGamerHUN,

I moved your post (and @Charlie1992’s reply - thank you!) to it’s own thread so I could address it directly and link the team to the details of your issue if needed.

Thank you for reporting the issue you’re having with Sharks not spawning near your island. Can you confirm for me over 7 in-game days have passed since creating this island? That should elimate the chance that it’s a delayed spawn cycle.

Bat sounds like diving - this is another issue the team are investigating. Can you confirm for me if you notice it triggering more commonly underwater or when your character surfaces (but is still in the water), or upon the action of diving underwater itself?

The crate issue where you cannot pick a crate up after moving items around crates is one the team are aware of and are working on. The issue can be worked around by either traveling to another island and back to reload the area, reloading the game as a whole or for some players the crate unsticks itself after a few in game days. If none of these workarounds work for you, please let me know.

Thank you also for your feedback about the game. Currently the team are focusing on resolving issues reported by players and porting additional Quality of Life changes from PC to console. There are currently no plans to add additional features to the game.

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