XB1 2079 Fire very hard to light

Last week on my Xbox One S used while at my son’s house the campsite became very difficult to light and now back home on my XBox One it was at first Impossible. Then I exited the game without saving and came back in, this time before I skinned animals and loaded meat on the smoker. Still more difficult than usual but managed to get it going.

Seed 15011088

No default settings changed or islands added, this was on first startup since returning home, so cache should have been cleared.

Hi rocitoc,

Thank you for reporting this issue, I’m sorry to hear you have had difficulty in lighting the campfire on your save. In the past when players have reported this issue occuring in the game after they have played the game for a while, often the cause was a lot of loose items piled around the campfire, such as sticks and other fuel. The increased lag slightly when lighting the fire which in turn made it difficult to light. Does this sound similar to what could be happening in your save?

If this does sound similar, moving loose items away from your campfire so the area around it is clear should help. If it does not match your current setup, please let me know…

  • Is this only happening for one campfire in question (the one under your smoker) or is it happening for any campfires you build? If you haven’t built any others, please try building one on another part of the island away from this one and one on another island altogether to see if the issue is consistent across all campfires.

  • Before this issue occurred, did you construct or add anything to your island?

  • Is the smoker a new addition to the campfire or have you used it before?

Any extra information you can provide about your setup before and after the issue can be helpful in trying to diagnose the cause of this issue and is also greatly appreciated by the team.

This happened with a new campfire and also with smokers on multiple islands. It looks like since I am sure to move other objects away from the campfire or smoker, that this issue is gone now. If it recurs I will post again here. Thanks!

Thanks for the update rocitoc! I’ll make a note for the team that this worked for you. Please do let me know if it starts to happen again, but of course I hope it does not :slight_smile: