XB1/2073/Mast collision causing boat to lunge about

Noticed an interesting new bug and was curious if anyone else has had this happen. While my raft if floating freely in the water with the sail fully reefed and not powering the raft, walking into the mast is pushing the entire raft around in whatever direction I’m “pushing” into the mast. Violent, jerking movements that seem to indicate a collision issue. I’m guessing that something was changed when you guys decided that putting a mast and canopy on the same boat piece was somehow cheating and “fixed” the “problem”. Now the mast has ridiculous collision reactions. Entertaining and at times annoying, but by no means game breaking. Anyone else seeing this happen?

Hi Sergeant_Larson,

Thank you for reporting this. I shall inform the team so they can investigate. To ensure they have similar conditions when trying to replicate the issue, can you describe your raft for me and what materials your base and floors are made from?

Just as a heads up, this isn’t a “new” bug as it’s been this way since the launch on console. I used to use it quite often to my advantage with the spear gun to turn the boat quickly.

Thanks for letting me know Wesn!

Wasn’t aware this was such an old problem! Didn’t have it in the past so maybe it has to do with the canopy not being on the same boat section as the mast on this build? Anyway here’s the boat layout(top being the bow):
Base is Bouys and Tires:
Decking is Corrugated with Nothing on bow sections:
C1 C2 C3

C1 and C3 have a light hook w/lantern and canopy. C2 has anchor forward, mast amids, rudder aft. C4 and C5 have shelf with crates. My old design had a canopy at C2 but admittedly I had to “force” the game to let me do it by building in a certain order(rudder, canopy, mast, anchor).

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I’m on ps4 version 2074. I just had an occurrence where I placed a container shelf and my boat went possessed! It flipped underwater getting wedged on rocks. I pulled it free and went to flip it when it started doing huge somersaults in the air. Like total circus flips. Then righted itself and FLEW away at a 45 degree angle off into the sky as if it was calmly on water… no sails were activated. But there she flew. The only thing is I was trying was to place on empty spot but the boat moved and it placed on my lamppost one. Is that what caused it? I’m fairly new at game but is this an occasional issue?

Might I equire as to this patch for xbox please

I remember it being present before there were canopies just for reference-so whatever build was before 2033 when I stopped playing due to the toolbelt and held item glitch that occurred at the time. I only recently picked the game back up with the multiplayer update-still waiting for a fix to my old save XD

It’s very rare. But next time mount that raft and fly like Aladdin!

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Sounds like Wessn has the best guess on when it started; the game had canopies when I started playing. I’ve only had the game about 200 days according to my xbox captures. I’m seeing it 2073 and now 2074.

Thanks for that detailed layout Sergeant_Larson. I’ll include it in my report and make a note on the details Wesn provided also.

@Yerkinu - I don’t know if it’s related to this particular issue, but it sounds closer to this issue: [XB1][2071][Gameplay] If you place a light pole on your raft, the raft will start doing uncontrolled flips/rolls/start flying/spinning in circles until you break the light pole and I’ll add your details to that report.