[XB1][2033][Glitch] Under attack by shark, replacing the paddle duplicated it

As my previous report stated. I was under attack by a shark early game with the life raft and whilst trying to replace the paddle before I lost it, due to having no space left in my inventory.
I was subsequently attacked when replacing the paddle and while it was replaced back in its holder, one was still in my hand.
Reloaded anyway due to respawning on central island (glitch in a separate report).
Happened once so far.



Overturned life raft, replace paddle and get attacked at same time roughly. This duplicated the item, once in my hand and the other back in its original holder.

Hi Raelik,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for seperating it out from your other issue report. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that!

This matches another report of a player having a paddle in their hand and operating or using part of the raft when a shark rolled it over causing an unusable duplicate to appear in the characters hands. The workaround to remove the duplicate (as it overlaps other items held in the players hand) is to do exactly as you did - reload a previous save. I shall add your details to the report confirming that you’ve seen it occur on XB1.

Thank you again!

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Can confirm same issue on Ps4.

Thank you for confirming you’ve seen it to Byrakurai33 - and welcome to the forums :slight_smile: