[Xb1] [2009] water object collisions

Raft and character are both colliding with plant and live objects in the water.

Objects causing issues are the barnacle balls, tube type plants, some smaller rocks, small sharks, turtles, large groupers and sting rays.

The raft has been stopped and hung up on a sting ray and remained hung up even after the object had moved away from the raft. This happened in water deep enough to dive but not walk in, close to shore. Also noticed some plants (tube and ball type) are causing the same issues.

My character has also had issues with plant and animals in the water and this is causing my character to hang up and glitch in spot. As you can imagine diving and this happening while your breath is running out.

The raft hangs up on the tube and ball type plants all the time now. This prevents getting the raft close to shore. I have also noticed a few smaller rocks have caused this even though they are not close or touching the bottom of the raft. It’s like they extend past their texture. If that makes sense!

I have had the raft bump into the air (not fly) several times causing anything sitting on the raft (crates, lights, ect) to be dislodged and even thrown off the raft. This happens with waves if there happens to be one of the mentioned objects underneath the raft. A sting ray and small shark have even been hung up under the raft which caused the raft to actually fly into the air and bounce around on the object.

It can be extremely difficult to move the raft from the object it’s hung up on. The raft wants to spin on the object but sometimes won’t move forward while being pulled or pushed. Waiting for a storm and larger waves helped.

I have cleared cache.

To alleviate these collisions I avoid as many objects as I can while diving and leave the raft farther out from shore.

I have tried a restart of the game to get the raft off an object. This does not work if the object is a plant but has worked for the animals. I assume because the animals will not spawn in the same spot.

I can only assume these issues are present since these object have been made static. I noticed all these objects can not be swam through where they could previously.

Thank you for that detailed and clear report on your experience with the shore elements and creatures Nghtrdr, this does not appear to be working as intended and I will inform the team.

I mentioned it on another post of yours, but I want to double check, is the version number in the bottom of your main menu displaying as 1909 or is that a typo as the current version should be showing up as 2009.

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Sorry its a typo. Should be 2009. I will edit my posts to reflect this.


No worries! just best to double check as that would’ve been a whole other issue :sweat_smile:

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