[XB1][2009] Attaching light to raft pole

I can’t seem to attach a light to the new light pole, I can attach the pole to my raft or dry land but it doesn’t give me an option to attach a light, I’ve tried multiple things with no success.

It’s not only me that seems to be having this problem according to a few Facebook pages.

Any help

This is on Xbox one

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Hi Face1985,

Welcome to the forums. I’ve moved your post to the bug reports section so I can address it directly and so it wont get lost in the comments section of the update announcement.

This is an issue we’ve seen a few reports of from players since the update. Would you mind trying to clear the cache of the console by shutting it down and unplugging it for two mins before rebooting to see if that helps to prompt the interaction with the hook?

Please also confirm for me if you’re holding a lantern in your had when trying this, and not dragging it into position.

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Hi Clare, I’ve just done like you suggested & ive tried again to attach the light but it’s still not prompting anything.
I’ve tried holding the light, dragging the light & just setting the light on top but they all fail.

Love the game by the way

Thank you for checking that for me Face1985, I appreciate you taking the time to do so and report back. I’ll add this to my report for the team and hopefully we’ll get it sorted soon. If any other workarounds are suggested by the team, I shall let you know.

Thank you for the very quick replies.
Anything I can do to help I will try anything.

Thank you again

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I have an Xbox one X and I cannot get my lantern to hook to the Light Hook, And I also cannot get any tarps or clothes on my custom islands through the Cartographer it will not allow me to

And one other thing I forgot to mention is that the sound seems to echo rather it be music, water splash, footsteps or even cutting down a Palm tree the sound seems to echo sometimes. I have tried clearing the cache is out of my xbox restarting it restarting the game everything and it works for awhile, but after awhile it goes right back to it

And also one thing I just noticed the cartographer will not allow me to customise the center island anymore.