world synchronization

When a player joins my session, the world synchronization time lasts a very long time, on average a good 5 minutes. However when I join other servers the loading is really very fast. Do you know what this is due to? And what can I do to receive there?
Thank you

Hi Reina_VI, welcome to the forums,

Do you know what your NAT type is? This would be in your console’s network settings. Often when playing multiplayer on console if your NAT type is 2 (Moderate) or 1 (Open) you’ll have a better chance of hosting other players. If your NAT type is 3 (Strict) it can be harder to host other players. You can also only host players of the same NAT type if you are on NAT 3. NAT 2 can host the same type, and NAT1. NAT1 can host everyone. If you are on a lower NAT type and wish to change it, you can do so via your router settings. But I would recommend doing research into the pros and cons and looking up instructions for your particular system.

If your NAT type is 2 or 1, then please also check which region you are hosting in. I know USA,East was having some trouble and the team were looking into other regions too. You may wish to try different regions before changing your NAT type to see if there is a connection issue there.

Please let me know if either of the above does or doesn’t work for you.

Hello Claire, Thank you for taking the time to answer me and for your explanations. I am using the Europe server and have tested the other servers and the load time is still very long. I also looked at my nat type and it is 2. I tried to be connected by cable to the rotor and by Wi-Fi and it remains the same. On the other hand, when I am connected with my phone in 4g, the loading is fast. I therefore deduce that it comes from my internet connection which is not very good ^^ ’ Sorry for the inconvenience Thank you

No worries Reina_VI, thank you for updating the post and letting me know!