World sync stuck at ...%

Hi all,

Me and my friend are trying to play the multiplayer mode together but the world sync is stuck at either 0, 27, 53%.
I’ve seen that there has already been a discussion on this topic but so far I haven’t found a fix. And I don’t consider messing with the internet adress as a solution for something that should just be implemented in the game.
Is there a fix for this or can we expect a fix in the near future because the multiplayer aspect of the game is the whole reason we bought it in the first place.
The only way we can play together is by steams remote play which basically mean that I only see half the screen, have to use a controller, and that the input is sligthly delayed.


Good news, we got it to work by changing the save slot for the multiplayer save

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How to, tell me step bro

Sorry for the late reply, change save slot in main menu to slot 2 instead of 1, you should be good to play online after this. Either join or create an online game