World seeds not consistent PS4

I had decided to start a new game today, and was going through a bunch of random gen worlds. Found one that looked interesting, but wanted to continue searching, so I wrote the seed# down for future reference. However, when I manually put that seed# back into the generator, the map was not the same as the one I originally saw.

In fact, every time I input the same seed# repeatedly into the generator, I will always get a different layout of Islands and bosses. This occurs on any seed# you attempt to use as well. I find this to be a rather disturbing bug, as it makes it impossible to enjoy your favorite map. This is on PS4, v2033. I have cleared my cache, and the problem still persists. I also have a couple screens hots from my phone, which I took to show the problem. Both are of the exact same seed#, but both have completely different world setups…

I do apologize for the terrible quality of the pictures, but at least they show the problem, as well as the same world seed number in both pictures. I hope this helps the development team. I’ll try to answer any other questions as best as I can.

I may be mistaken, but this is my understanding.

If you look closely, the islands are the same. Look at all the ones without boss areas, notice the island shape is exactly the same unless a boss area replaces it. What changes is the placement of the boss areas.

So you have the same 25 islands for the same seed, but 4 of those islands are randomly replaced with the boss areas.

I’ve used the same seed on 3 different save files and this has been my experience.

FYI, that PS4 seed has at least 7 cargo ships if anyone wants it. Lol, it’s the crazy loot seed! I’ll check back later (4 hours or so) and post the seed number if anyone wants it.

Oh! I always thought the world seed would not only govern the size/scale if the Islands and available loot, but also the placement of the Islands and bosses as well. Thank you for that clarification. Much appreciated.

Sure would Charlie, when you get a chance please post that seed, its always good to have a good seed when restarting instead or rerolling.

Sure thing!


Hi Shutat,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your post! Thank you for posting this and the two reference photos. I, like yourself, thought the boss placements were the same for a seed number. I shall pass this info as well as your images onto the team for them to look into and let you know if this is by design or if it would be considered a bug.

Was this determined as a bug or by design?

I do not like it at all. What is the point of getting seed numbers recommended by other players if they are never the same when generated?

The island names are different each time as well. I generated #713 about 3-4 times and the names of the islands changed even though most of the shapes were consistent.

For me that’s irrelevant. I prefer the bosses to lock down per seed. If I want to say keep them at the 4 corners and I find a seed that does that, I should be able to give that same # to my daughter and she should get the same results.

I can replace other islands I don’t like so not having the bosses lock down makes the seed numbers useless.

Hi Misty - welcome to the forums!

The boss locations not being consistent each time a seed is generated is an issue in the cartographer. I submitted a report to the team about this issue and, though I understand it does not have as big an impact for your as the boss locations changing, I shall follow up with the details you shared regarding the changes of island names as well.