Workshop can be toggled for non-steam users (Epic...)

As mentioned here:

Please consider making the Workshop visible to non-steam users.
As I understand it, this is a dev-facing option in the workshop.
It’s effectively a toggle for visibility. Visibility both for the Workshop page in general, and for content creator visibility, specifically. If I, a non-steam (Epic) user, am prevented from seeing the workshop page, one or more creators are going unseen.

The argument about non-steam users cannot ‘use’ workshop content is moot as detailed in the Steam Forum post.



Plenty of ‘Early Access’ titles have a public, not private, Workshop page.
1.0 is not necessary for this request.
I don’t think they even need to modify/add code to the game for this either. I think it’s in the Dev’s Workshop dashboard (or whatever they call it).
It’s the equivalent of setting a public/private toggle, not dissimilar in function as what’s available to workshop content creators to mark their work as visible or not.
Just speculating on the mechanics of it. But I’m certain it ‘is’ a function available to the Devs in Steam.

A little

Managing Steam Workshop Visibility

The Steam Workshop is the website hosted through Steam that enumerates shared content and allows users to vote and comment on the content visible through the community. By default, applications are not enabled to be publicly visible in the Workshop. This prevents content not intended to be shared through the Steam Workshop portal from being visible unless the workshop is set to public.
Set the visibility state of the workshop through the following steps:

  1. Browse to the application landing page on the Steamworks website

  2. Click Edit Steamworks Settings

  3. From the Workshop Tab, select General

  4. On the right-hand side of the page, find the Visibility State section.

  5. Use the radio buttons to select the desired level of visibility which can include Developers Only, Developers & Testers, Customers & Developers and Everyone.

  6. From the Publish tab, click Prepare for Publishing

  7. Click Publish to Steam and complete the process to publish the change.

Note: To change the visibility state to Everyone, the Workshop checklist must be complete which includes branding, title, description and at least one item of content publicly visible.

I suspect the current setting is Customers & Developers under Visibility State

This doesn’t stop people from using the steam workshop downloader at to get your mod for free.