🏐 Wollie Appreciation Thread!

This a thread celebrating our good friend who has kept us company on our deserted islands!

Share your pictures and tales of adventures with Wollie here!


Wollie just gave me his last smoke. what a great guy.

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Best volleyball shaped friend someone stranded on an island could ask for.

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found Wollie on my stream tonight! We’re becoming the best of friends!

I gave him a nice spot with a view so we can talk while I work around the base

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Certainly a fine view from there! He’ll be prompted to island supervisor in no time :joy:

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Got another good one of my co pilot


I love this one! He looks super happy to go on adventures!

It’s been a journey! Let the guys know I really enjoyed it and Wollie was a nice touch.

That’s great to hear! I will certainly let them know :smiley:

Day 35

I have finally found my soon-to-be faithful friend, Wollie. Wollie has given me a wonderfully-constructed shelter upon our first meeting, and the means to start my second home island. I will be making my second home right where we first met.

I will share many good times with Wollie.


Day 37

Made it back to our starting island, needing to stock up on fuel for our chopper.

Storm rolled in, but we’re keeping nice and dry in our shelter base as best we can. Gave Wollie a lantern on his shelf so he won’t be in the dark.

I brought home enough bird eggs to share, so plenty of omelettes for breakfast if they last the night.


Very thoughtful of your to provide a lantern for them! I’ve heard Wollie can make a mean crab omelette :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for my round companion, and from my understanding it can be found near some unfortunate souls that didn’t get rescued.

Now I found one of these souls, but I haven’t seen Wollie. Are there more locations where unfortunate souls can be found or is it one per playthrough?

Otherwise I might have to dive into the ocean near the current spot to see if Wollie sank to the bottom🤣

There can be more than one in my experience.

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I found my Wollie after embarking on a long journey across the map. He was on the exact opposite end of the map. He accompanied me on my way back home, he was quite talkative. Or that was me. Im not sure anymore. However, upon entering the area near my home island, the outlet my xbox is plugged into cut out and i lost all my progress. Today, I am embarking on Journey 2.0 to reclaim my friend, this time with a sleeping bag. IM COMING WOLLIE!

Sorry to hear your power cut out! Glad to hear you’re off to find Wollie again and hope your travels go smoothly! :slight_smile:

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Is the only way to post videos is by YouTube link?

Hi @Lothaer - at the moment all videos need to be linked externally (youtube, streamable etc) as the files are a bit to big to be hosting directly on the forums.

I’ve been building a castle for Wollie and I. I’ll post pictures once it’s finished. Almost there, just need a few more crates of clay. :laughing:

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