Woke up to my Raft flipped over!

I don’t know if it happened while I was sleeping or just didn’t notice. My raft was fully anchored just off shore and while I was scavenging I looked over and it was upside down! I know I anchored it. I don’t know when or how it happened but there was a rain storm. My raft is pretty large at 5x5 size. I have two sails, some canopies, a rudder and motor and of course an anchor.
I totally panicked as I put a lot of time into building it but luckily I was able to un-anchor it, drag it to shore and somehow I managed to flip it back over with the help of some boulders it got caught on. Then I dragged back into the deep water.

Hi CoyoteX68,

Was there anything under your raft such as rocks of an old ship that it might have bumped off? While bumping off things shouldn’t flip the raft, it might be the cause, especially if there was a storm involved too.

I also wanted to double check, as you posted this in General Discussion, did you want to see if other players have seen the same rather than report an issue? I can move the post to the Bug Report section if needs be. Either way I’ll make a note of it as something to keep an eye on on my end :slight_smile:

hi Clare, thanks for responding. Yes, I was just commenting if other players have seen the same or have an idea of the cause. No need to report Bug.
I don’t believe there was anything beneath the raft as I had no trouble “parking” it an anchoring. Maybe it was just a rogue wave during the storm. ?

Thanks for letting me know CoyoteX68 :slight_smile: I think the rainstorm was possibly a factor and it could have been a combination of things that resulted in it tipping over :thinking: I recall an issue that caused the raft to jump a bit if the anchor rope bumped into something underwater. That issue, plus the storm might have caused it to flip. I am glad to hear you were able to flip it back though! And it’s probably a good thing it was securely anchored too.

I would be interested to see if anyone else has experienced something similar and as I mentioned I’ve made a note of it for myself, just in case… and of course if it happens again, please let us know!

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