Wild Fruit trees fruit respawn?

Hi @Clare

I haven’t experienced it myself but have seen people asking if wild fruit trees are now respawning fruit since the updates. Kura and quwawa wild fruit trees not yukka fruit to clarify

I know wild fruit trees didn’t respawn fruit before updates and I myself haven’t experienced wild fruit trees respawning fruit post update. I’m guessing they have overlooked the fruit the first time round

I’m hoping you can clarify this please

Hello! Yes the fruit trees do respawn fruit, always have, the fruit depends on the amount of water refills the tree receives.

If it’s a natural growing tree on an island, it has to rain and give time to grow. I get some fruit while I strip an island and if I’m there long enough, another one will grow.

In planter box as well, the fruit depends on how many water refills you’ve given the tree, AND the fruit is stackable, I have a vid where I get like 20 Kura fruit from one tree that I planted and kept watering.
Same with the Yucca trees, the fibrous leaves keep stacking, but the Yucca fruit only grows from naturally occurring trees and does not respawn. :desert_island:

Really? I haven’t had anything that I didn’t grow myself respawn except for yucca and young palms.

Sorry I should’ve stated wild fruit trees not farmed fruit trees

Sorry for the delay but I do not believe wild fruit should respawn on islands. I’m pretty sure they act the same as other plants and need to be farmed and I do not recall anything changing in recent updates.

I’ll keep a note of this though, just in case…

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Hi xGnomeGrownx, I am sorry for any misunderstanding, it is not that I do not trust you and your gameplay experience, but I was instead responding to Thunder’s queston on whether this is supposed to occur in saves or not. I have made a note of your experience of fruit regrowing also and want to discuss it further with the team. If there is one fruit in particular you notice this occuring with, please let me know.