Who's playing on next-gen?

Who’s playing Stranded Deep on a next-gen console, whether that be on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S console? Also, for those who originally started playing the game on a PS4 or Xbox One, how much did the overall performance of the game improve moving to the new hardware.

With that said, I don’t know much about Stranded Deep and I’m curious to know, if moving to the newer consoles helped improved the game’s performance based on your experiences so far. Please share your thoughts down below, I’m interested in finding out more…thanks!

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Sorry for the super late reply. I haven’t been playing for awhile. I’ve been on a retro gaming trip as of late. I play on Xbox Series X. I started on the One X and the performance of the Series X does improve the game in a few ways. When I was on One X, the game stuttered many times out at sea, but now I don’t even experience it nearly as much. If you install the game on the internal SSD, the hardware inside gives the game a bit of a better look as well as add auto HDR. The loading times are much faster as well. The game saves in 3 seconds. Count just like 1.2.3 and it is done. Remember to install on the internal SSD of either next-gen console. I’m hoping for a real next-gen update from the devs. The new consoles can easily run this game in 4K 60fps or 1440p 120fps. New physics, higher textures, more items and larger world. Also, a lot of games can use keyboard and mouse on Series X. Of course the devs need to include the feature in an update.

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I am playing on PS5!!! What the heck I just saw that right now

It happens with old feeds… there is not much new stuff in the form of general conversation on this forum. I am on ps4 btw

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Ye but the game is unplayable

Is it that bad now? I haven’t played in months

It’s not unplayable. But if you are a hoarder like me the game definitely doesn’t like it… large structures are also an issue with lag/crashes… but it’s still fun and if you keep it low key it seems to run better than if you go crazy with custom island stripping and collecting large amounts of any type of supplies. I’m talking like 200 crates or more it starts lagging 500+ game crashes. larger the boat gets the slower the saving goes. I had a boat 7×12 with crates on 90% of the boat. The game did not like that at all even if it was on another island.

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The problem with structures is,they don’t transfer into a part of the island model, so that will make lag been u now loading ALOT of structures that are ALOT of models, they could make them a 1 whole model instead of killing our consoles, ALOT of games did that and there is no lag anymore

Okay. I’ll keep this in mind. The only thing I did hoard are Yucca plants, fruit, rocks and sticks.