Where's Wollie?

Should there be a whollie on every map?

I can’t seem to find one on mine! I’ve searched every island and all wrecks now and no Wollie. I will be very sad if I have to start a new map just to get me my companion. The wife found hers in the first few hours of playing the game.

Where are you Wollie?!?

Hi Nghtrdr,

I’ll have to check with the team and get back to you but Wollie will usually show up near some unfortunate souls on an island. I’ll double check with the team but I thought he should show up in each map.

In your trips around the islands, did you come across any other shelter wrecks and remains of former islanders? Also, did your wife find her Wollie hanging out in an old shelter or nearby?

And just to check, is there any chance that you replaced an island before loading this save for the first time?

Hi Clare,
I have found several islands with “unfortunate souls” but no Wollie.
The wife did in fact find hers at one of those shelters with the remains of the previous occupant.
I have not changed or done any modding of islands. This is my first play through and i wanted to play it as intended in its original form.

Thanks for the prompt response.

I’m writing up a report for the team as Wollie missing in a save it something that we want to look into.

Would you mind letting me know the seeds for both your world where he’s missing and your wife world where he was found fairly quickly?

To double check were either of these saves updated from version 1820 or are both new from version 2009?

And are ye on the same console, separate consoles etc.

My seed #9865555
Wife’s #27196583

Both are saves prior to 2009 update and are on separate consoles. She can’t remember what island she found him but it was at a shelter with remains in it.


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Much appreciated Nghtrdr, I shall send these onto the team right away - Thank you!

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