Where to install mods on the Epic Games Store version?

I’m mainly looking for a place to install translation files.

Hi Darkness,

While we don’t officially support nor are we responsible for mods, if you can give me the mod details I might at least be able to offer some insight on whether or not it is currently possible. Can you point me to the exact mod as well as what OS version you’re using please?

Hi there!

Windows 10.

The mod file is here:

Basically a CSV with the PT-BR language partially translated at least. It’s originally from the steam workshop, which I tried on the Steam version and worked fine.

You will need to use the unity mod manager.

Thanks for the reply! Too bad, I was expecting something easier, like a place to put the file to make it work.

To be honest, I’m not going to use it, but I was going to tell people around how to do it, but I guess it’d be “too hard” for most to be worth it.

Thanks anyway!

I guess I’ll give it a try later to see if it works properly with the translation file anyway.

If you can let me know, I want the translation, I got it from Epic Games too, but my English is very bad