When will piles be added?

Or has it already been added?

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Hi CampsHated, welcome to the forums,

Piles have not yet been added to the console version of Stranded Deep. While the team have stated in the past that they want to bring as much as they can from PC to Console, there is no confirmation on what features will be ported over. Should anything be announced it’ll be posted in the News and Announcements section. A feature like this would likely come in an update or patch rather than receiving its own separate announcement so keep an eye out for any posts about future updates too.

I’ll add your count to feedback for the team regarding adding piles to the game - I know it’s a feature a lot of players would like to see brought over.

What are piles?
From my [Xbox 1X] perspective, I have piles all over the place. I’m pretty sure my piles lag the game down significantly while I’m anywhere near them, but I don’t have anywhere else to put them. Piles of fibrous leaves, piles of clay, piles of coconuts, piles of planks, sticks, stones, engine parts, non-perishable food, flashlights, compasses (compai?), etc.
How do “Piles” work on PC?

By “piles” they mean kind of chest only for one kind of item.

So rather than have a pile of 20 let’s say sticks you put those sticks into a Stick “pile”.

That way rather than the game trying to render 20 sticks along with everything else it only renders the stick pile.

The more stuff you have laid out the longer it takes the game to load everything, to help reduce your lag/load times stick as much as you can into containers and only have out what you need.


I am having a hard time understanding why piles aren’t in the console version, the reduction in game lag would be quite welcome lol