When will it be our turn?

I see PC got another update today, the most notable change is the motor now able to be used as a rudder when it is out of fuel.

Can a developer from FuN LABS please give us an update on the current work being done, what changes we can expect in the next patch and a rough ETA as to when it can be expected?

@Clare is doing an amazing job with the community but it seems like she is the only one doing anything.

Rant over


Hi Lothaer,

As I am the liaison between the Console Team and Players (and vice versa) I’m sorry to say you likely won’t see a FuN LABS team member here. I appreciate the kind words but I’m certainly not on my own here :slight_smile: I am regularly passing reports and information to the Console Team on behalf of players so they can continue to work on issues. Once there is a eta or contents finalised and confirmed for the next update, it will be posted in News and Announcements by the Beam_Team account as always.

While I understand it is not the main point of your post, the motor change was from the earlier update on PC. Some notes were missing from the original announcement and were included in some quick fixes announced today. As the team wants to port as much as they can over, we’ll hopefully see the same change on consoles in the future.

I really hope that the next console update is MASSIVE

So not trying to beat a dead horse but I just left the Stranded deep facebook page and noticed PC has gotten 2 updates not counting the hot fixes in May. Kinda seems like console has been put on the back burner. Also went to check out Fun Labs website and maybe it’s cause their working on an unannounced project. Just seems like the PC developers got less going on or maybe they can multi task lol.

Like I was saying a while ago, the console version was a cash grab, something to ignore after they made their money.

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While I understand some players may feel frustrated, I have no problem with feedback, positive or negative, and even some light speculation about future updates is ok… But non constructive “Doom and Gloom” posts and posts spreading misinformation are against the Forum Rules and continuing to post them will result in Moderator action. Please avoid these types of posts in the future.

Here is a crazy idea… since the pc team is soooooo far ahead maybe they can help the console team catch up a little… I guess Teamwork is divided there just like everywhere else… console + pc teams = happy customers all around

I post what I see. If I get banned here, I will simply go to social media instead, where a lot more people will see it.

PC has had a dozen updates since we had a bug fix. It’s not doom and gloom, it’s the state of the game

Just like saying we’re in a pandemic. Not doom and gloom. Reality. There is a difference.

Also, I was one of this games biggest supporters until they swept us under the rug.

Commenting on the difference between PC and Console is fine. I understand players comparing the two, though the Console FAQ does state there is a difference.
I have repeatedly stated that the team is working on issues and the next update - Including in a topic you yourself started. The team themselves have also now confirmed a simultaneous update for all platforms later in the year. Saying it is a cash grab and saying the console version is being ignored is spreading misinformation and unconstructive.

The forums have rules for a reason and I have no issue with posts so long as they stay within those rules. Repeatedly making the same false claim across multiple posts adds nothing to the forums so please refrain from doing so in the future. Continuing to do so will result in a ban.

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It is not misinformation. It is reality. They are testing co op.

Ok. Where is the actual content? The larger maps? The reasons to actually play?

So they finally are making it so your friends that have been done with the game for ages, too, can be bored with you?

Co op means nothing with a lack of content.

I appreciate your work, but the devs need to communicate better. Some sort of general road map would go a LONG way towards getting some good faith back.

And it’s the same game. I will compare PC and console all I like. I do it with literally every other game that exists. None work as shoddy as this, in terms of differences on platforms. None.

Alright Frozztastic, I’ve asked you to stop, level of details aside I have given you the facts and continuing to state the opposite is misinformation. You’ve also misread my statement on PC and Console comparisons.

I am locking this thread as continuing this conversation (communication feedback aside) is non-constructive and is not adding anything to the forums.

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