When is the update coming?

I’m now at a point where I’m bored with this game. The developers never give info on an update date. Claire replies to post regarding Questions but it doesn’t seem like the developers give her any info.

I really enjoyed this game but it seems pointless to keep it installed at this point.


I guess you’re right
But they can do it with other way
Like adding some photos to something and we should know by our selfs

Example: a game offline uploaded a short video about 2 guys moving together
And we should know what is that means

You may be asking: what is the point
Answer: it makes the time moves faster so we won’t get bored

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Have you tried downloading any of the custom made islands. Some of them can give you a lot to do. If you dont know you can get them in the steam/strandeddeep/discussion/world editor or you can go to the workshop and find them. Give em a try if you havent.

Hi Deezbuffalonutz, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for offering suggestions to the community. So you’re aware, this is the forums for the console version of the game and we don’t have custom made islands on the console version the way PC does.

Thanks Clare. Im trying to learn how to use the forum. sorry im kinda of slow:) I will get there:)

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No worries at all! :slight_smile: