When are they going to add an easy mode?

I keep dying after only like 10 days and im on normal. I went to a better island and i have a shelter and a water still and plenty of other sh!t. I have everything i need to survive but i keep dying.
When are they going to make an easy mode where you dont faaking die so quickly? Its making the game stupid and unrealistic. Tom hanks in cast away didnt have to build a mothercucking cruise missile out of sticks in order to survive on his cozy island oasis.

What is it you keep dying from?

Before I jumped into the game I watched some guides by Granddaddy Gamer and others on YouTube to get a helping hand in figuring thins out. If you want it really easy, go on creative mode that way you do not have to eat or drink. That is actually the next step down from normal.

Running out of IQ I believe.

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I have no idea how or what are you dying from because the game is very easy unless you are going after the few bosses which can be tough especially if you are fighting them for the first time. Before I stopped playing, I lived for over 100 days. Make multiple water and food sources on the same island, become a Horder and collect resources that’ll help you stay alive. Beware that too much on the same island can hurt game performance easier on base consoles. Key to the game is just stock up on what you might need to stay alive for days and weeks.

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It’s a learning curve game. If you get to a point you have a water still great. Make sure you are filling it with palm fronds as well as fibrous leaves. Make sure your food and water is full so that your Heath bar will go back up. If you save and have limited health it makes it hard to keep playing. I would suggest if you don’t have patience to figure out the game mechanics there are many YouTube guides about player stats eg. the health/food/water bar, how they work, as well as the different skills and player affixes you receive, what they do, and how to overcome them. This game is tough at the start because its about figuring out how to survive and stay alive. It doesn’t tell you much about how the game works. Once you get that down its “smooth sailing” pun intended.