What the hell is going on?
There is nothing to do whether you go to a large island or a small island.
Little wild boars running away from me
Even a huge wild boar rushing to kill me.
Even the giant crab that tried to tear me to pieces with its huge claws.
Stones and trees scattered in the field
rock that can be dug
everything has disappeared
What the hell did the developers do to the game?


May I get the seed so I can try this out?

Most the things you mentioned sound fine, except disappearing objects.

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Playing a game on an Online Host

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Exploring its islands, regardless of size, feels empty. There is little passion, no matter how small or huge. Wild animals run away, and even the largest one poses no harm. Huge crabs, before frightening, now lack energy. Resources such as rocks and trees are scarce, limiting gameplay. It is sad because everything that made the game immersive has disappeared.