What I would like to see in the game

I have already spent many, many hours in this game on my playstation 4. I also made my own island on the PlayStation, but this island has many limitations there are not on the PC version. Because the possibilities of the game are much greater on the PC, I bought a better graphics card so that I can also add the islands made by other players to the Cartographer or make my own beautiful island.

Most animals are realistically depicted in this game and I like some little animations as if you take a small crab in your hand, it will slightly move its scissors towards your hand. I love this!

I don’t need to tell you that this game is close to my heart, but if you were to ask me what else I would like to see added to this game, it is …

The larger islands have more animals such as wild pigs, snakes and giant crabs.

I would like to see some islands with other animals on it, for example; colorful parrots / parakeets instead of seagulls. and lizards or iguanas. Poison frogs or komodo dragons, goats.

Some shells and snail shells on the beach and some islands with rare orichiden or carnivorous plants. This will make visiting other islands more attractive to many players I think.

Thank you for this beautiful game!