What happened to my save?

I think y’all may have released a new update. How does that affect current saves and previous saves? Im deeply confused by all of this. Also. It didnt affect my slot 1 save, but slot 2…

Im on the same seed as before mentioned. My raft drifted into sea by a lot even with the anchor down. The out of bounds barriers dont stop the raft whether i an driving it or not. Weighed down or not. It drifted out of bounds. I had to swim out to get it. I initially thought that i had turned myself around being there was a whale fin there, (one of the bosses) and i thought i had just passed it. I had to run so i daved my game. Now when i attempt to load in, it shows me on day 125, but when i start the game it starts a new game. I reverted to a save from a day ago in the cloud save (possibly the same save. Who knows?) same issue. Very frustrating. 125 days of work down the tubes.

Hi Hobbitinacyclone,

A new update has not yet been released for the console version. The current version is still version 2083 and this number should appear in the bottom left of the main menu.

Regarding your save, I’m sorry to hear this has error with your save data has occurred for you. To ensure I’m understanding what happened correctly, can you please confirm for me when you say the raft drifted out of bounds, do you mean outside the map area entirely and you were able to go a significant distance past the “out of bounds” border on the edge of the map to get to the raft and save on it with a sleeping bag?

If you were able to save out of bounds, it is possible the save struggled to load because the data in the save it is expecting about your location is not there. It is also possible that the cloud save updated quickly and you are pulling down the same save as the previous save should have loaded correctly with you inside the bounds of the map.

Any further details you can provide about this would be greatly appreciated. We’ve had players report errors with saves similar to this before but this is the first time it’s been reported the save occuring outside the map boundaries - which should not be able to happen and may explain what occurred in other saves.

I’m very sorry this happened to your save and I completely understand your frustration, but unfortunately if the cloud save is also loading the same save, there is no way to revert the save and I can’t confirm if a future update would resolve this - the team would need to investigate this.

If you have a copy of the save where you had saved out of bounds, I’m sure the team would appreciate a look at it to see if they can find what allowed this to occur, but they cannot fix and return individual saves (Partially because they could run the risk of being broken by future updates).

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I want to send you guys my ssve definetely. Itll definetely be able to pull up all my other issues. Its really about finding a drive to pull it off the pkaystation. I got a buddy that knows about this kind of stuff. Ill pick his brain later.

Yes i was able to go pretty far past the barriers. Felt like i was swimming for about a half day game time. And my ship was definetely anchored down close to the beach. Yes. I used a sleeping bag on my raft. But im guessing its out of borders. Again. I saw a whale fin flapping so maybe its the whale on a new seed? Can that happen? And yes, the buoys surrounding the map stop nothing. I swam past them, rafted over them… like they were seperating deep end of a pool.

Thanks for confirming Hobbitinacyclone, I’ve submitted a completely new report for this issue. If any of the team comment on it, I’ll let you know.

Though I’m not a dev, and this is only a guess but my guess is saving outside of the playable area probably saves location infomation that the game does not recognise when you load the save - that said, it’s my understanding you shouldn’t be able to save outside of the playable area anyway if you can get out there - so there’s likely a few issues here contributing to the issue.

Would your anchor still be behaving as if it was down when this happened, or did you pull it up before saving? not sure if it is part of the steps to reproduce it, but would be good for the team to know when trying to replicate the issue internally.

Also, when you start a new save, I assume it’s showing you the plane sequence? If you proceed to the end of the intro, is the centre island brand new / no evidence of you being there before? (I assume this is the case but want to double check)

Regarding the whale, I believe they can travel out of bounds, turn around and eventually come back towards the map. This is just part of paths they take - I’ve heard of people seeing them beyond the barrier before but it shouldn’t impact the save itself. Out there is just an unplayable zone rather than the start of other seeds or maps.

Thank you again for the extra info you’ve already provided and thank you for looking into getting us the save file.