Well it's a list... Xb1

Seed: #37491854
Playing on an Xbox series s
2083 I believe is the version
Hard mode, everything else vanilla

Well… Black tip reef sharks are still an issue.
Sail collision is a thing still
No starter raft on multiple different seeds on hard, I just gave in and rode the struggle bus hard for a minute or two on the above seed number. I’m on day 35 and struggled hard starting off not dieing without a starting raft but it was fun. I think it should be an option like the starter crates. Don’t force it though. Spy glass issue where the spyglass seems to stay on your screen. Bummer but I didn’t use it often so eh but it’s noted now. There seems to be a bug as well with items respawning on islands too. I haven’t noticed crates etc, but cloth, planks etc do seem to, as well as some wild crops like potatoes and whatnot. This didn’t happen before. I like it but I thought it was more difficult before. Spoiled crops like potatoes disappear from my crates. Well rather when they spoil (I assume) they just disappear. This is a new development as well.

I’m sorry for just “unloading” but I felt it necessary to address my findings. No I haven’t quit playing, these are inconvenient but it’s still playable and remains fun. You know how I just pop in from time to time with my new finds. On the lookout for Wollie!

Hi Bam101015,

Thank you for reporting these issues. I’m sorry to hear they’re affecting your saves, but the good news is a number of these are ones the team have found fixes for and are testing them for release in the next update (date still not confirmed, I’m working on getting a narrower timeframe for the community for the next Message from the Team though…). I’ve responded to each of the issues you listed below…

  • Black tip reef sharks - I believe the team were investigating this, but I think it might be lower on the priority list in comparison to other issues. I’ll add a note to the report that you are still seeing it happen in your save though so they’re aware it’s still an issue for players.
  • Sail Collision - The team have changed how the collision works on the sail so it matches the PC version and doesn’t cause the raft to move unexpectedly if a player bumps into it. I believe they’re still testing this at the moment but hope to have it in the next update.
  • Starter raft not appearing - thank you for mentioning this and sharing your feedback around it too. I’ll pass everything onto the team so they can investigate and take your suggestion into consideration.
  • Spyglass issue - The team has a fix for this too, ready for the next update. Unfortunately reloading the save is one of the easier workarounds, but another player found a way to do it in game. It’s detailed in this post if you get stuck again or what to give it a try: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Spyglass / Binoculars not working as intended
  • Respawning items - Thank you for reporting this, I will pass it onto the team so they can look into this. Can you confirm for me if this was happening on game generated islands, custom islands you added, or both?
  • Spoiled potatoes - This occurs with all spoiled fruit/veg unfortunately. After the food spoils, the items can become stuck in the crate. Upon reloading the save, the crate then resets and results in the content being lost. The team believes they have found a solution to this issue and it will be tested and hopefully included in the next update.

Thank you again for reporting these issues. While the team is aware of a number of them, it’s always good for us to get reports of issues as it helps us track the frequency of the issues among players and sometimes there can be additional information useful for the team. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with us and please do let us know if you spot anything else.

Tell Wollie I say hi if you find him!

Just a quick follow up, I checked with the team and can confirm that the raft does not spawn in hard difficulty mode on the console version of the game. While this is intended, I have noted your feedback regarding possibly making this an option like the starter crates for the team to consider when looking into Quality of Life updates.