We absolutely need to be able to place crafted items inside of structures

I haven’t really played after running into this issue, as I’m a builder, which seems like a large part of survival games to me so I felt I should at least express it’s importance here.

I’m a little surprised the game has been out this long and this hasn’t been addressed, however I know on PC this can be modded, so it’s probably not been heavily commented on and will be a problem and potential deterrent for only console players unfortunately.

The game provides us with the tools to craft elaborate structures with wall, doors, windows, and roofs, so it’s obvious there’s intention to have base building be a large part of this game.

However after tediously island hopping and gathering resources and finally building a large three story base I feel like I’ve wasted my time as I can’t place any of the usable items inside of it, which seems very odd, I never in the slightest thought that would be the case.

If players have planters on the roof, a loom and furnace on the first floor, a stove and some water stills on the balcony of the second floor that gives them a reason to actually enter and move throughout their builds, and a reason to build other bases with different designs. Setting up furniture is very nice… but doesn’t really help progress the game, so it’s just not enough reason to build a base on average.

All of the survival games I’ve played provide base building that gives players a reason to enter and use the structures we’ve built, I’m hoping that can be the case here as well.

As it stands, if all the actual utility items must be placed outside, and furthermore on the ground… there is not really a gameplay reason to enter bases, which seriously hampers replayability along with the incentive to building a base our first playthrough.

As stated, building elaborate structure starting from absolutely nothing is my main reason for playing survival games…

as this has been implemented by mods on PC I’d hope this would be easy enough for the devs to bring to console. and I do hope it’s updated so I can come back to this game as I was really enjoying it.


I think that’s the sad part about this game, it got various things in it without a purpose. If you can use or build it, it should have a purpose. The concept is fine and various elements of the game are also fine.

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I have been able to place a camp fire, a loom and tanning rack inside my structure