Watch status not changing

I dont know why , but my stats in the watch are not getting reduced. Its been like 6 days in game . No status effects at all . I have been grabbed by tiger shark, hammer head , stepped on star fish, bit by snake,infinite stamina,infinite oxygen while diving(actually the stamina and oxygen bars doesnt show up at all).i reloaded the game many times … but no change .

I started the game by turning off the tutorials.
So switched back on and made an hammer and placed a wood foundation according to in game tutorial. Now, the food and water are getting reduced by 1 bar if i sleep. But still no status effects :sob:

This is like i am cheating with out a cheat .

Did anyone faced this issue?
Can anyone help me how to fix this?

Hi Prudhvi,

I’ve separated out your post from the post about empty maps. Please do not post issues in another player’s bug report if it’s off topic, this can cause the thread to get confusing and we also might miss the post altogether. Posting your own report can help us address your issue directly and keep the forums tidy too. I understand if this was in error - just something to watch out for in future :slight_smile:

I see from your post history that you usually post on the console side. If this is a console bug report, tag me and let me know and I’ll move it over there. If not, the PC team will respond soon enough.

In the meantime, please let us know:

  • What version number you’re playing
  • If you changed any of the other options such as game difficulty etc
  • Are there any mods installed
  • Any other details about your setup you feel might be relevant and if you tried anything to resolve this issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for posting in the wrong place .

No, i got this bug on PC.:cry:

Recently i switched to PC and bought this game on steam.:smiley:

I am playing on the latest update .

I also downloaded some custom maps today,but, the issue is from the start.

If you can tell me which screenshots to take. I can attach them here.

Hi Prudhvi - thank you for confirming what version you’re playing. I’ll let the PC team know. While I’m not as experienced with the PC version, can you please check what difficulty your game is set to and the PC team would probably also like to know the following…

  • What version number you’re playing on Steam (the latest stable version is 0.80.01)
  • What your options are set to (you can screenshot the options menu if you like)

That should give the team a good start in looking into this :slight_smile: