Was there a Ps5 Update?

Read it on a facebook fanpage that there was an update on ps5 pushed out today so when i got home from work i checked and it did update today but to 2083 which is the last update. I am curious if there was a minor update or just sony slow on there end. I can check in a day or two on my series x and ps4 as i love this game so much i bought it for pc ps and xbox. Just hoped someone here new something. Thanks

Hi Alkewper74,

There was no new update issued for the console version. 2083 is the current version and because the game is the same on PS4 and PS5 (PS4 game but on a PS5) it should have been displaying that number since the last update. If you recall not seeing 2083 on your screen until this update, please let me know. If for any reason there was a delay this would need to be investigated.

I’ll double check with the team just in case - I know things like changing of an age rating in 1 country would have resulted in a small update for a section of the community so I’ll see if it was anything like that or see if I can find an explaination. Any big updates with bug fixes etc will always be announced on the forums first.

Just following up with this to say the team confirmed there was no update push for Consoles or a change issued that would require an update. They’re not sure what it was, but it was likely on Sony’s end as our team didn’t change anything - they’re still working on the next update at the moment.