Usable chairs and a way to PIN guest to boat

It would be nice to be able to USE a chair… also, the driver of the boat is pinned to the boat via the rudder or motor, the raft, someone can “Ride Along” on the boat while the other rows. would be nice to be able to “ride along” on a custom raft. If we get caught in a storm, the guest gets washed off the raft.


Useable chair on the raft would probably fix that :slight_smile:

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Yes, usable chairs please, on land/floors and on rafts please… (and let chair “RideAlong” pin the player on raft please)

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I just made an account on here to say this exact thing. I built furniture in my “Island Resort” (reallyyy big house) and found out I can’t even use the chairs!

add a second rudder on your raft, maybe at the other end, but only one of you actually steer it.