Update Ideas (e p i c)

Hello! I’m coming with a new idea because literarry this game is unplayble after 500h on game

So the First idea is new shark types
Like, I love this game but there not much sharks, I would like to see bull shark, saw shark, and sharks on deep of ocean like sand shark, I will tell about ocean deep later

New Bosses

So bassicly this game is cool but bosses are important thing, I would love to see moby ■■■■ as boss and leviathan or something like that and maybe titanoboa on special island
I FORGOT AND DUNKLUTEOUS it the most important one

The Ocean Deep
So, stranded deep is so unrealistic because of no ocean deep, I would love to see ocean like in version 0,01version but way deeper and specisl sharks like sand sharks and many drowned ships e.t.c on deep

More islands
So this is short thibg, new islands and caves on islands

New land animals
So, I would like to see new land animals like warthdog, dodo or just chickens or something like that and way more

Flying Bosses/Enemies
I would love to see an flying enemies not only birds, enemies like stork, and bosses like Dragon or something

Swamp Islands
Swamp Island, great place to die from crocodile, or an aligator :slight_smile: So Yeah

More Ocean Life
Yeah, more fish e.t.c and finally option of kill turtles, reef sharks and pls add dolphins

New items,
Epic idea: an potion to make sharks come to you

That’s all for now, I would love to see new sharks and ocean deep <3