Unknown IRL Consequences of Playing Stranded Deep

We all appreciate the beauty and depth of this game, but has anyone noticed changes in their day-to-day real life?

I live in the southwestern US, in the high-desert of central/northern Arizona, and in 13 years of my existence here I never once noticed a Yucca plant… until I started playing Stranded Deep. Now I see them everywhere. Sometimes I have to stop and snap a picture to send to my buddy who introduced me to the game - he’s a landscaper so he sees them even more than I do. There is a LOT of Yucca around this area!


I think noticing Yucca out in the wild has to be one of the biggest side effects of the game for me too!

That or seeing images of lovely beaches or tropical islands and thinking about how you’d layout all your survival gear on the island haha

Passing volley balls in the store also makes me smile like I’ve seen an old friend… :volleyball:


I noticed this too. Specifically for Yucca, seeing a lot of it in people’s gardens. There is also a weed around here that looks a bit like Ajuga when it flowers (from the game - actual bugleweed looks different).