Unable to build on Aircraft Carrier

[PS4]2121][Building] Unable to build on aircraft carrier

I am unable to place any buildings on the giant aircraft carrier. E.g. water stills, campfires, light sticks. This is quite unfortunate because I remember a year ago being able to build on the ship and creating some cool bases. Now I can’t!

Not needed

No settings changed

Go to aircraft carrier and try to place down anything with the right crafting materials in your inventory

Unfortunately, they blocked all the interesting features, which is not much, but still gave some variability to go beyond the standard structures. As a result, you can only build something simple and banal, and any step towards creativity leads to a ban on construction. I wrote a lot to the developers about the need to remove building restrictions and expand the placement of objects, but they ignore these requests.

Not a bug, this was changed back in March

Hi ThatR3X2,

You are correct it used to be possible to build bases on the aircraft carrier. However this was changed in a previous update.

This is now “As Designed”. However I will pass your report as feedback onto the team.

Thank you.