Trying to create a flat sandy island

Does anyone know how to create a midsize flat island? I have tried and tried but I just get too much bumpy terrain. Before this bug hit I had the perfect island and lost it. Any ideas?

Sorry that I just saw this 11 days after you posted. I’ll list a few ideas, but I feel they are probably ideas you tried already! Minimize your surf height and your middle island height so you optimize the chance for the flattest terrain. Make sure you don’t pollute the beach with too many immovable items (palm trees, boulders, etc). Alternatively you might want to try max surf height and min middle height. I haven’t tried this yet and I think it would cut down on available acreage, but I could be wrong! As usual, try differing island shapes and keep zooming in to check. Hope this might help.

Thank you very much for the suggestions.