Trophy description

Hi I’m a new member here and already have a question.
About the “Magnets how do they work” trophy.
Never had a compass in my hands and found my second one in a wooden box. Can I transfer that compass into my inventory and drop to the ground with holding the circle button and still getting the achievement after beating the game ?
All I found in the wide internet is so confusing and unclear about this one.

Maybe you can help me, oh and I’m playing the PS4 version on the PS5 with the latest version (2130)

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

Yes you can hold them and move them around inventory, just not actually look at it. For achievment’s purposes don’t accidentally make that mistake, just avoid them your first play through! You don’t really need one - sun rises in the East and sets the West - but if you want you can see a compass while seated on a gyrocopter and technically that doesn’t count! :compass:

Ok thanks.
Now I have two more container that I can use^^