Trees Should Respawn Faster

I don’t know about many of you guys but I find myself running low on sticks and feel like the palm trees could respawn I bit faster. I’ve had islands I took sticks from trees and they still haven’t grown back. Also, does the game have item respawns because I’m on day 177 and everything is empty inside ships…etc. Or should I be playing in the Cartographer Mode? I haven’t tried that yet.

I believe only the small trees respawn. (The ones you got fiberous leaves from, as well as Yucca plants) I believe the respawn time on these is around 2-3 ingame days.

You can replace islands that you have stripped of it’s resources in the cartographer^^

Hope that helps!


See I never used the Cartographer. I had no idea. So, you can change maps and it won’t affect your current playthrough?

As far as I know no. There might be certain issues / bugs that come with custom islands. Believe I saw something about sharks not spawning there, but there could be more.

I’ve made a custom island purely for resources and I just replace the island next to my main island when I need to.

If it’s empty, I simply head back to my main island and replace the same island with a new version of itself^^

I’m sure other members can provide more information regarding possible issues that arise with custom islands though ^^


Popping in to confirm a few bits

  • Palm trees don’t respawn, but the young palms and Yucca leaves do.
  • Replacing an island with overwrite everything on the island being replaced. So be careful you don’t replace a favourite island or the one with your base. You can’t replace any red squares (where you are or the bosses) so making sure you’re on your base island before adding a new one is a good way to make sure you don’t accidentally hit your main base.
  • If you change the seed number, your whole save gets reset so avoid this option in the cartographer when swapping out islands.

This is good news. Thanks man. I’m going to check it out now. I’m off today so it is game time.

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Thanks, Clare. Oh man this is going to be so good. It’ll be like a fresh start with new items. I’ve been playing the game so limited for 177 days. This new way will add a lot of replay.

Don’t change the island you have your items on [CHECK]

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Oh also, protip, there’s a limit to how much you can place on an island so some stuff can be randomised if there’s a lot added (there’s a little warning under the preview image) - if there’s something you really want added and not randomized, hit X/A when say, rocks for example are highlighted, and then Triangle/Y to lock them to your island.

I also forgot to confirm that there is an issue with sharks spawning near custom islands. So you might not find any when you replace an island.

And even though the preview shows Tarp when you add Cloth, Cloth should still spawn, the preview is just showing the wrong item at the moment.

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Got it. Thanks. I just used the Cartographer and it is a breath of fresh air. I saw the warnings. I think I’m going to make a bigger island and move everything there. Good way to start my day off.

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Also, if you replace an island with a custom island, you can go back later and delete the custom island you replaced the original island with, it will revert the island back to the original island for that seed and all resources will be replaced back to they way they were at the beginning of the game. It will even replace Wollie if the island you did it to was Wollies island. I’ve done this to have multiple Wollies… :laughing:

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