Translation of the game into Russian

Do you have plans to translate the game into Russian? this would facilitate the passage of the game, many Russian-speaking players quit playing this game due to translation problems, they cannot understand what is required of them in the game, poor instruction

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I do not know of any plans to add Russian to the game at this time, however I shall pass your feedback onto the team.

В игре же есть русский язык, прада, ошибок в нем - тонна. Хотя в описании игры в стиме почему то это не значится.

Translation added by Clare (Google Translate used)
In the game there is Russian language, prada, there are a ton of mistakes in it. Although in the description of the game in the incentive for some reason it does not appear.

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Thank you for your understanding.

With regards to your comment, I believe there is a Russian language version available for PC but it was my understanding that Playstation / Xbox do not have a localisation option.

can you add translation from the PC version to the console? or let the guys from Russia help you with the translation, they say a lot of mistakes with the translation, Sony’s company is working on the translation, I helped some developer with the translation of trophies into Russian for the PlayStation.

As I am not on the dev team, I can not go into detail on how translations are made but I will share feedback and suggestions with the team, @OGZxFTWGlitcher

@NeroHell - I should have mentioned, if you are using an official translation (not a Mod) on PC and you have found errors, please report them in the PC Bug Reports section. We can highlight the errors for the PC team and hopefully resolve them.