Total Garbage of a game after 2 years of time to fix

So its been awhile, lets say 2 years now since i took up the game.

Series S

No fix to the crashing, no fix to the lag issues of coop where you randomly cant access anything.

Oh the biggest issue that apparently is too difficult to fix, Co-op period. I started a new map with no issues what so ever for a days work. Day 2 maybe 6h of solid gaming no crashes and not even a hickup when advancing the base to a storage deck but apparently when you build a base it starts to crash. Day 3 cant even survive an hour and we even have to make a sleeper to save on every island because after we finish searching a cargo ship guess what?.. it crashes. reload before the crash and we make it to the main land… guess what happens next?.. we crash.

you had 2 years to fix this and nothing is done. great game and perfect garbage.