Toolbelt Suggestions

I know I have seen a plethora on this online, but here is my take on it. I also hear, though I have no personal experience with consoles, that console version(s) have/had this. Toolbelts are virtually useless as is. Yes, its handy somewhat to be able to quick key your axe, a lantern, or what not. But its not as useful as it could/should be. The items still take space in inventory, and dropping them removes them from the toolbelt, etc. Also, 10 slots is ridiculous, no one ever needs to, or will, set that many quick keys. My suggestion is to make each toolbelt unlock a single spot. Make it worthwhile, and those spots do not take inventory space. Getting to all 4 then becomes useful, and special. Slim down the spots to just to 4, so it is not over powered, but keeping them out of inventory makes them incredibly useful as well. My 2 cents on the subject, love the game, can’t wait to see it evolve further!


I agree, the main inventory is supposed to be your backpack and the toolbelt is supposed to be a, well, belt. So it would make sense that the items in the toolbelt are separated from the main inventory.
I specially would love to be able to attach a lamp to my toolbelt so it can give me light while leaving my hands free to do something else.

Maybe in addition to DuckmanDM’s suggestion of each toolbelt unlocking a single spot, the backpack could start with less space, say 6 slots, and add 4 upgrades for the backpack to go up to the 10 slots we have now.


agree please let us see this

Absolutely agree. In this moment, the toolbelt is practically useless. 4 slots with 4 upgrades (unlock one slot per upgrade) would be great! And you can fit there only tools (knife, axe, hammer, lantern etc) or/and weapons. But i would like to have at least 8 slots available apart of these from toolbelt. 6 slots would be too little space.

I also agree with this. Right now, on the Epic PC game version, it doesn’t make much sense to unlock the toolbelt spaces since the item you assign to it still takes up space in your inventory. It would be nice if the slots in your toolbelt didn’t take up inventory space. This would allow you to put your tools (spears, knives, axes, etc.) in the toolbelt without those often necessary items clogging up your inventory.

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Almost a month old but I totally agree the tool belt should definitely be an inventory expansion for tools to keep em separate from the backpack to make things nice.

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This is a great suggestion. As it currently is, the toolbelt is completely useless. It’d make sense for it to function as a separate inventory and allow us to equip tools to it. To keep it balanced, I’d say it should be limited to 4 items, and resource costs for crafting each belt should be increased.

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This is an excellent idea. It’s weird that console has this (reportedly, I don’t have console version) and PC doesn’t.
Additionally, it would be nice if the item didn’t get removed from the quick slot if it breaks or is dropped.

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