To Clare... My topic needs to be 15 characters lolololo

You are super good at what you do. I speak for many when I say, You need a raise. Cheers


I second this thought.


I really did not know what to expect opening this thread haha. Thank you for your kind words and support - I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

But I must say I’m very lucky to work with an awesome team and the Stranded Deep community members that report issues, answer our lists or questions and continue to report details of their experiences or add to the experiences of others makes the getting as much information as possible to the devs part of our job easy.

Thank you again!

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I wasn’t sure if it had been said before. I had never made an account because I see all the posts in here from a discord server and you’re always on point with things.

P.s. The audio bug on main screen is lingering and the server for USA EAST seems to be down. or is it maintenance?

You and I just had this conversation actually! That’s what made me think to make the post. =)

Thank you Santeria318 :slight_smile:

Regarding the issues, can you confirm if you’re referring to issues on PC or Console? You posted in PC but I want to double check - I’ll redirect to the correct team as required. [Edit: I spotted the other report Night_Snake had replied too, I’ll follow up on that.]

I’ve seen a few reports of connectivity briefly dropping over the past while, I’ll alert the team - thank you for mentioning it. I do not know of any planned dropping of servers so it should hopefully be back up in a short while. If it persists, or if you find it happens frequently, let us know.

I third this thought well done clare and the devs :clap:t3: yes theres still bugs and no dowt there will be in the future but for me personally its just a beautiful game that you’ve all worked so hard on and i cannot wait to see what the future brings for stranded deep :grin::grin:

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Thank you Charlie1992, I will pass your message onto the devs too :slight_smile:

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