Tips/help needed

I found 2 sets of tires in a container ship. Unfortunately they are both at the bottom of the boat. I can’t get them through the door ways to get them out of the ship. I’ve tried everything and died many times. They seem to float to the roof but they will lay flat. The doorways are narrower than the tires are wide. For the life of me I can’t get them to turn so they fit through the doors.

Any help is much appreciated

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Dude, just go in with a hammer, highlight them, select raft base, swim out without pressing confirm and build the tire base on your raft.


Omg never even thought to do that.

Your a live saver!


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Tires catching in doorways and behaving as you described is something the team will be looking into.

Thank you for for adding that tip though ScaredofSharks, that’s a great workaround!

No problem. I am almost 40, and this game petrifies me. I love it.

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I’m over 50 and same. Lol