Tips and tricks

Things to make the game easier for some that have a hard time

Fuel still can be built into the smoker by building onto the smokers fire pit. Now you can just add your potatoes to the fuel still, gather the meat you want smoked, and do both to save on fuel resources! :slight_smile:


that is very cool! :cool: :+1:

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I would like to also add that if you find the right position, you can overlay objects on top of each other that normally would refuse to overlap.

An example is a wall and a structure. Gotta find the spot that gives a flicker of “you can place this object” color when moving the object around, and keep nudging the pointer back and forth at that spot while spamming the place button. Eventually, it’ll take. It’s part of how I manage to place crafting stations on foundations.

With the new update 6, can we place work stations on foundations that are off the ground or do they still need to be on the ground?

You can place workstations and such on foundations, but you have to find that “sweet spot” with placing. It’s still a challenge in some cases, but it’s not impossible.

I’ve managed to double-up the Meat Smoker and Boiler on a foundation today, so that tip with the combining of the two objects really helped me with saving space.

That’s awesome I’m happy it worked :slight_smile:

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