TIP for beginners

  1. Don’t make a wooden hammer. - There is no need to build a house from scratch, and there is nothing that can be made with a wooden hammer because the level is low.

  2. Clear inventory space. - There are many items to collect on each island. If possible, it is best to put down the collected items where the boat is docked.

  3. Knife, axe, flashlight. You must carry these three items with you. - Even if you put down all the items you have collected, you must always carry three items with you. A compass if you need it…

  4. When visiting other islands, start with small islands. - There are more threatening animals on larger islands. Let’s visit after equipping yourself with appropriate attack methods.

  5. Don’t forget the potatoes. - Potatoes can be processed into motorboat engine fuel. Potato fuel is essential for fast navigation. It can also be used as helicopter fuel.
    If you want to get it consistently, cultivation is recommended.