Throwing raw meat in water to lure sharks

I don’t know how spawns work but I think it would be cool to be able to craft some chum to throw in the water to spawn sharks.

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I second and support this idea. It would be really neat if we could craft a grinder of some kind that we could use to process fish meat to craft chum with, which could then be stored in a container to use for luring in sharks to hunt. Maybe we could even use it to draw deeper water sharks into spots they normally won’t go without the lures.

I’m one of those people who have anxiety over deep water that you can’t see the bottom of, regardless of setting, so diving for anything in deep water gets my adrenaline going almost every time. I almost never swim at night in the game for that very reason.

But having a way to lure deep water sharks to where they can be hunted and retrieved from a raft would be very useful.

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I have panic attacks and anxiety, and the deep as well as deep w/ darkness is a huge trigger for them both while playing. So I feel ya, I don’t do neither because of my mental health. Good reason I haven’t killed a great white lol

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Sharks won’t spawn on custom islands, also you can find sharks almost everyday at each island

Hey I think they did patch that one this update. They now do spawn on customs islands made after patch.

That’s what’s so great about this game you can really overcome your fears lol I still have to hmm while on my raft but I get to the next island lol

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Lmao that feeling when you’re casually exploring a wreck, and then suddenly the music changes. Panic mode: Activated xD

I don’t play with sound lol, even with the patch, it sounds like I’m in a tin pipe lol

As long as I have a good raft I’m fine, but if I’m using that flotation device, I make wildlife passive. Sharks will use that thing as a beach ball lol