Those satisfying moments

You forgot the engine to power it. I’m up to solar power and batteries. Takes ALOT of lanterns and flashlights. Lol

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I had every system going all the was back to the original “pong” from the 70’s but had a house fire 2 years ago 2 weeks before my wife gave birth to our son. And yes, I even had a virtual boy. Lol


I’m so with you on this. I love hearing about other people who play games. What is so great is that you can share that fun with your wife. Congrats on making another birthday. I’m 38 and about to have a birthday in December on the 17th. Time is flying by and gaming is getting so good. Still, I love my golden era the most. You have got a lot of systems my friend. I like to hear that. My Atari 2600 and 7800 died so I’m looking too. I’m going to start collecting again. I want another game cube and eternal darkness. Hope everyone on here is enjoying their weekend. Remember renting games and you had to play that game the whole weekend even if it was horrible? Lol

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Sorry to hear that man. Glad you guys are okay at least. Games can be replaced. Are you going to collect old stuff again?

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Aaah yes, the lanterns and lights lol

Daaaaang I’m so sorry, I would’ve probably cried for about a month lol. I would’ve had pretty close to every system from Atari 2600 series to ps4 and xbox, but some of the systems we just knew were “fly-by-nights”, like Sega Saturn, Sega-cd, and Virtual Boy. Virtual Boy was before it’s time though, no one was ready for that lol. The price was crazy also back then

Thank you for that, people today are too fragile when it comes to saying you have a collection of something, because if you say you have a collection, somehow it’s flexing. When in reality, some of us are just looking for common ground.
Good to hear some gamers on hear that are older gamers. We older people tend to be hermits, and I feel gaming gives us a chance to still have connections to the outside world, while giving us our space.
Speaking of space, lol yes my wife and me do both play video games, and in our own parts of the house. We too try to give each other space as well, but we will put headsets on so we can still chat while we are playing games. We don’t always play the same games, but we both enjoy mmorpg and regular rpg games. Lately she’s been into 8-bit games on ps4 (mostly knock-offs lol), but she likes them and I’d rather play the real games. Is what it is :slight_smile:
If I forget, Happy Birthday and have an awesome day

Yeah I’m slowly rebuilding my collection. I made a complete list just months before the fire and saved it to my email, didnt know why but something told me to fully catalog everything so that’s what I did. Kinda drove the wife crazy for a few days lol. And I’m an older gamer myself, 47 at time of this post. My wife is a gamer too and she is awesome with her understanding about why I play. I have extreme p.t.s.d. and games are my outlet and keep me sane and dampen alot of the flashbacks


how do you hang them like paintings? How did you get your heads in there?

I feel ya lol if I was losing all my systems, I’d be going crazy too.
Anxiety and panic attacks, as well as depression is what I’ve been dealing with for bout 20yrs. Gaming can make each one worse or better, just depends on the game and what’s going on in game.

While I love seeing the community enjoying conversations (and love retro gaming stuff myself) This post has gone waaaaaay off topic. @Loreweaver and @Mtragincajun79 I’m sorry but please transfer to DMs to continue :slight_smile:

@PeppeImprota99 - These trophies can be made ones you’ve beaten the 3 bosses in the game and once you craft them, they can be hung on a walk using a hook.

Lol very sorry Clare

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haha, this thread derailed pretty awesomely.

If anyone has questions as to how to take out ANY of the bosses without taking a single point of damage, I know tricks for all of them. Hit me up here of under the same name on XBox.