This is how containers on rafts should have been done from the start!


Thought I would share. This is how containers should have been done from the start of the game.

Now at least I can see over them and in to the distance to know where I am going!



How did that happen? I had to revert back to version 80 so my containers wouldn’t float.

I modified the save game and then used Blender to tell me what the quaternion rotation values should be and popped those values in to the save file and then lowered the containers to make them rest on the raft floor surface. It really is a dream now when sailing…no more do I have to stop the engine or lower the sail in order to look around to see if I am still heading in the right direction!

Genius. Awesomesauce.

Noice! I do feel it needs more sun shades though :wink: